LoanDB is a loan originations system reference implementation. This project will be developed using Java technology frameworks such as Spring (Web Beans in future?), Hibernate (JPA), CXF (JAXWS) and Jersey (JAXRS). The concepts are based on my original toy implementation for the loan processing NetBeans tutorial. The tutorial was primarily focused on developing JPA and web services based applications in NetBeans IDE, so you won’t find the real meat. I am thinking of designing various modules around the LoanDB core and I am expecting this to be more useful for Java developers in understanding how these frameworks help in solving traditional enterprise application integration problems and further help in developing less maintainable code, which is rather more critical in enterprises. Loan Originations system is a very good candidate for implementing SOA based solution and typically involves integration with many heterogeneous systems within network and outside the network. This is going to be real fun developing this project.

I plan to blog more about the frameworks used in this project shortly. Currently, I am in the process of designing the persistence layer, which is the core of this project. Some prototype code out there in SVN. But remember, right now there are too many moving parts before I flush out something concrete, so I have no release plans yet 🙂

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