Invoking Web Services from your Flux Workflow

Flux’s RestAction is the go-to construct for users orchestrating Flux workflows that involve web service integration. Be it HTTP-based services or SOAP-based services that implement HTTP binding, RestAction comes very handy for developers. Flux has a WebServiceAction which talks SOAP exclusively for services that implement WS-* such as Addressing, Security Read more…

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Simple Http File Transfer Action in Flux

One of our customer was interested in performing a basic HTTP file transfer function using Flux APIs. I implemented a trivial HTTP file transfer Action in Flux plugins project. Here is a sample test case that shows how this action could be integrated within a Flux workflow. Maven users could Read more…

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Job Scheduling in Java, why Flux?

I recently came across this interesting question on Job Scheduling in Java in the widely popular experts-exchange website. Unfortunately, you require subscription to see “expert” answers, unlike Stack Overflow. Here is my take on this FAQ: 1) Is it possible to use Sun’s own java.util.TimerTask for my complex report scheduling? Read more…

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