Spring Framework 3 reaches milestone1

Spring Framework 3.0 M1 was released last week during the SpringOne Americas event, which looks very promising with EL and REST becoming top themes. Lot of coverage on the event has been blogged, and you can find one of my favorite entry by Solomon here. Juergen outlines some of the new features implemented in this … Read moreSpring Framework 3 reaches milestone1

Jersey 1.0 final ships – production quality RI for JSR 311 API

Today, Paul announced in his blog about the availability of Jersey 1.0. I have been waiting for this release like many others. The Jersey team delivered a pretty solid implementation and this implementation has been tested by the user community to a greater extent. This project can be considered as a blueprint for similar JSR … Read moreJersey 1.0 final ships – production quality RI for JSR 311 API

Yahoo Search Restful Client using Jersey

Yahoo Search provides a RESTful interface for web search. Of course this service is been there for a while. I was just curious to use Jersey Client to play around with the Yahoo REST service. It opens up a world of possibilities for building applications around these services in Java. Let us invoke the web … Read moreYahoo Search Restful Client using Jersey