Server Consolidation – a smart move

This week’s major acquisition announcements of Bea by Oracle and MySQL by Sun are considered significant milestone in consolidating J2EE application servers and open source database servers. The application server market is witnessing a strong convergence with 9 Java EE 5 compatible implementations vs 17 J2EE 1.4 vs 22 J2EE 1.3. The players are WebLogic … Read moreServer Consolidation – a smart move

Spring MVC Step-by-Step Tutorial ported on NetBeans/GlassFish

I was recently using the 1.1 release of Craig MacKay’s Spring Module for NetBeans which supports the latest Spring Framework 2.5. Spring Framework tutorial hosted at provides details on how to use this module in NetBeans IDE. Thomas Risberg’s Developing a Spring Framework MVC Application Step-by-Step tutorial is a good one which explains end-to-end … Read moreSpring MVC Step-by-Step Tutorial ported on NetBeans/GlassFish

Android SDK is out. Its Java, not J2ME:)

Today, Google released the Android platform SDK to the developer community. It comes with tools and APIs to develop applications on the open mobile platform using the Java programming language. It comes with an emulator and Eclipse plugin for development. The SDK is already available on Windows, Mac OS X (intel), and Linux (i386) platforms. … Read moreAndroid SDK is out. Its Java, not J2ME:)