Invoking Web Services from your Flux Workflow

Flux’s RestAction is the go-to construct for users orchestrating Flux workflows that involve web service integration. Be it HTTP-based services or SOAP-based services that implement HTTP binding, RestAction comes very handy for developers. Flux has a WebServiceAction which talks SOAP exclusively for services that implement WS-* such as Addressing, Security etc. RestAction has neat XPath … Read moreInvoking Web Services from your Flux Workflow

Sakila Restful Search using CXF FIQL

There are two features that are very cool in the recent CXF 2.3 release that deserves its mention in the release notes/features document as they prove to be quite useful and powerful in certain use cases. Advanced search capabilities and Atom Logging features make CXF a compelling choice for developers looking for this support in … Read moreSakila Restful Search using CXF FIQL